When The Moseses came to Australia

I've recently had what felt like three of the best weeks of my life. My parents eventually made it to Australia to visit me! And it was, as expected, a jam packed three weeks and a very different holiday to the ones they normally go on. Chris had only met them two or three times last Christmas … Continue reading When The Moseses came to Australia



Yesterday was my second year anniversary in Australia!! TWO whole years man?! I'm sure all of my posts begin with me expressing my sheer disbelief at how fast time is whizzing by. But it is though!! I remember when I first came away and I didn't even consider being away for two years then. The thought of one year was … Continue reading TWO WHOLE YEARS


I turned 28 this time last week. I've had 7 whole days to reflect on how I actually feel about being an old lady. For weeks previous to my birthday I worried about it. I got anxious about being a loser at 28, thinking I had nothing going for me; how I don’t have a … Continue reading 28