The daily struggles of a Geordie living in Australia

Happy Straya Day Mayyyyte *Australian accent*! Yes, it’s the most celebrated day of the year in Australia today and being a permanent resident who has lived in this marvelous country for almost five years, I thought I would write a blog post on the real life, first world struggles I face on a daily basis … Continue reading The daily struggles of a Geordie living in Australia


Kayaking Katherine Gorge, NT

Kayaking through Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk National Park) in the Northern Territory has been on my bucket list pretty much since I moved here. I wanted to explore them for myself after having seen umpteen amazing Instagram photos of the place. They really are as beautiful as they look on the pics - if not better! … Continue reading Kayaking Katherine Gorge, NT


I turned 28 this time last week. I've had 7 whole days to reflect on how I actually feel about being an old lady. For weeks previous to my birthday I worried about it. I got anxious about being a loser at 28, thinking I had nothing going for me; how I don’t have a … Continue reading 28