23 reasons why we love camping. But hate camping.

After a weekend away camping, I’m left with the same severe camping confusion that I’m left with after every trip. Do I even enjoy camping? Lessons are never learned from the time before but we do it anyway, and look forward to it too! I love camping. But I hate camping. 1. You’re excited about … Continue reading 23 reasons why we love camping. But hate camping.


Mount Batur… A Bali Must-do!

The perks of living in Darwin - Bali is on your doorstep (well, in Australian distance terms). A swift 2 hour flight and you're there and for a bargain price of $150 return!! I'm very good at catching flight sales... Myself and a few girls took off for the long weekend and what a weekend … Continue reading Mount Batur… A Bali Must-do!


I turned 28 this time last week. I've had 7 whole days to reflect on how I actually feel about being an old lady. For weeks previous to my birthday I worried about it. I got anxious about being a loser at 28, thinking I had nothing going for me; how I don’t have a … Continue reading 28