What it’s really like having a dog. Or two.

Having just completed my annual post in pics ‘Five Lovely Australian Years’ and noticing that 83% of my past year had been consumed by my new life with my pooches, I thought I would elaborate on what it actually is like to have a dog. Or two.

Now, I have never ever had my own dog. I’ve always had a cats back in England with my parents but I’ve always loved animals. I have always been that person who stops during a run, or mid-conversation with whoever I was with to stroke a cat or dog I passed in the street – or rabbit/tortoise/pig/what ever animal I came across.

Since settling down with Chris in these past few years, we have both craved the company of a dog. Living in Australia and seeing so many on the back of utes loving life with the wind blasting through their faces is enough to make anybody pooch broody.

At first we wanted to adopt and visited the RSPCA and other animal shelters in Darwin but as any other person living here will know, there aren’t many small dogs kicking about for adoption. There are however, a lot of Darwin specials – pretty much small horses. Even though we wanted to take them all home, we just knew we weren’t prepared for a big dog (or allowed for that matter by the landlord). Anyway, months and months passed and we still didn’t have a dog.

In February this year Chris had surgery, which would be followed with a significant period of downtime. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get a pup and train him while Chris was home. This is when we found George, and from the minute we got him I became obsessed! It was all new and very exciting for this person who has never had a dog before! He was our baby and proper cute AF.



I was obsessed with him despite the fact that for a good few weeks we had to clean up the very very very many toilet mishaps in the house and wash his backside just as many times too (fluffy arse problems). I didn’t care because he depended on us (and still does) to meet even his most basic needs – feeding him, bathing him, grooming his extreme fluffiness, ensuring he gets exercise, attending to any medical problems or accidents, picking up his number twos, training him to be a good boy – he is our responsibility and that is a wonderful feeling (wow, I think I am an adult).

In August we had to leave George with friends for a month while we went back to England to see family. Even though we knew he was in good hands we were crippled with guilt at the thought of him being home alone all day – and the neighbours confirmed this for us when we got back *cryyyyyyy*. So, when we returned in September we decided to get George a little pal, which turned out to be his brother from the next litter. We called him Franky.



Franky was 10 weeks old on the day we got him (four weeks ago now), so here we are doing the whole training thing all over again. Although I must admit, it is a LOT easier this time round as we know what to do and he pretty much copies everything George does. He’s already mastered the stairs up to the house and to wait (almost) patiently for his turn to be fed. However, I did stand in a small Franky poo in the middle of the other night – barefoot. Shit happens.

Yes, there are toys (and often toilet roll) all over the house, but I see that as a plus as they aren’t chewing the furniture. Yes, they jump in their paddling pool then through the mud and then back through the house, but luckily we have wooden floors. Yes, they can be a hindrance for when you want to go on holiday, but this is nothing some good friends can’t help with. Yes, you do have to walk them every day but you’re doing yourself a healthy favour at the same time – especially down at the beach during sunset every night. Yes, you have to bath them often (and groom most days in our case) but bath time can be one of the most amusing times (see pic below). Fortunately, I can’t comment on the hair all over the house thing because being part Poodle, they don’t shed.


Bath time is worth it for this


How can we be mad at those faces?

But seriously, none of this hindrance, picking up crap and I imagine the hair malarky matters. The constant entertainment and unconditional love (OMG, the unconditional love!!) we get from the boys is so worth it and so bloody good that I don’t know which words to use to describe it!

George and Franky absolutely LOVE ME (and Chris, of course). The way they greet us when we come home – even after being out for just 20 minutes; when we ask them if they want a cuddle and they lean back to be picked up for said cuddle (omg it’s so cute man); the way they want to say good morning with a kiss and a cuddle before 6am every day *upside down smile*; the way they follow me everywhere (even to the loo); and even just the way they look at me. I am their person. Oops sorry, Chris – I obviously meant ‘we are their people’.

They are so entertaining too. They both go absolutely berzerk when they’re wet, running aimlessly or chasing each other all over the house, around the garden, where ever it may be – it’s great! The way they play-fight, sleep, eat, play-fight, repeat all day never gets boring neither. Even the way they sleep at times is hilarious (see pic below). But what is more entertaining than anything else is seeing the love the boys have for each other – the way they always have to be touching when they’re asleep; the way Franky looks for George when he can’t see him; the way George helps Franky out when learning new tricks; the way George let’s Franky think he’s winning during play fights – and even shares his food! It’s all very very lush. We say a lot of ‘awwww’s in this house.


Cosy nap or is George giving Franky a piggy back?? By the way, they are napping! I can’t believe how many people actually thought he was on his back. LOL!

You can now probably sense the extent of my emotional connection with George and Franky (just a tad), so why would I want to leave my babies in the house when they can come with me? Luckily, the world is becoming more of a dog friendly planet (yaassssss), and we pretty much only visit dog friendly cafes, dog friendly beaches, dog friendly bars, dog friendly camping spots…I think you get the picture. Hangovers are less often now too since the desire to go out is almost non-existent (thank god). Why would I want to go out when I have these little dreams at home? Okay, I am starting to sound a bit crazy now (I don’t care).


Just me doing nice things with the dogs and stuff

Obviously everybody’s perspective on having a dog is different, but this is my version of it and I bet a lot of dog owners can relate. I feel an extraordinary love for my little furry lads and would do anything for them. Seeing them all happy when they’re playing or exploring makes me happy and I really think they have made me a better person! Not only that, they have created a stronger bond between myself and Chris too. They have literally entered our lives and changed us into a perfect little family in such a short space of time, and I will forever make sure they have the best life possible.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day. Be sure to follow the boys on Instagram –  ‘The Moodle Dudes’

Crazy Dog Lady x

Our little family…and the only half decent selfies we managed to get ❤


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