Five Lovely Australian Years.

I’m back to do my annual post on my Aussie anniversary and whilst I’m sitting here cringing a little at my choice of blog name, ‘A Bit Of An Amazing Blur’ (very 26 year old me), well, it really has been just that. How the hell have I been here for five years?! How on earth am I 31?? What is life?!

As I look back on last years post, Four Years, I realise that this year has been totally different to the four years previous to this one. This year has involved a lot of time spent at home, working, looking after Chris after two surgeries and incase you didn’t know, I may have gotten a little pooch…or two.

Since pooch no.1, George, came into our lives in February, it’s safe to say my life has completely changed. I can count on two hands how many times I have been “out out” in the past year, we only go to cafes/restaurants that allow dogs and our week night and weekend activities are all based around activities and places that include dogs. Yes, we are crazy dog loving weirdos, but they are our babies so that’s that.

Pooch no.2, Franky,  has only been in our lives for three weeks now but I have already kissed goodbye to any social life I may have once had. Oh well.

Here is my year in pictures…


At the end of my fourth year I mentioned that we had just moved house. I spent my weekends in the hammock watching Chris obsess over bringing the lawn back to life after the dry season. What ever floats your boat, Chris. 


I still took pics of the sunset (obvz)


…and we went on the odd 4wd/edgy picture trip before the wet season rolled in.


Little Chrissy turned 30 in December and I surprised him with a trip to Airlie Beach, which as you can see is pretty noiiiice.


We blasted about on jet skis…


…and had a trip to the unreal Whitsunday Islands.


We then had a night with Kate and Arthur in Brisbane before we headed back to Darwin. Kate is the lady who took me in when I first arrived in Aus for those who don’t know – she’s a hero!


We had our first Christmas together and in Darwin, which was ermmmm…. let’s just say, Darwin doesn’t know how to do Christmas! But at least the house looked cosy, even though it was a gazillion degrees outside.


We spent New Years Eve having bubbles on a cliff watching sunset. The plan to watch the fireworks at midnight fell through when I entered a post Indian meal food coma. I’m sure I fell asleep at 9.30pm.


Nothing really went on in January (does it ever?), other than some impressive wet season sunsets


…oh actually, in January Chris did this *rolling eyes*. I was then his carer for a little bit.


So while Chris was recovering, we thought we should get him a little friend! Meet George! He joined the family on 24th February and from this day on, our lives would never be the same (I like to be dramatic). 


We experienced our first cyclone in March, Marcus. He tore Darwin to bits, the little twat.


Chris being Chris can’t sit still for too long, so headed to his shed and started his business Stuff


Kate and Arthur finally came to visit us over the Easter weekend. It was nice to play host to them for once.


I took off to Sydney for a long weekend and took this wicked pic out the window of the plane of the Adelaide River. I just wanted it in here because it looks mint.


The weekend was spent being daft with these humans. 


When I got back from Sydney, we could finally take George out in public (yayyyyy)! Game changer.


We took him to the beach pretty much every night, which is just as lovely for us as it is him. Sunset, the beach and a pooch – could life get any better?


On April 29th, my niece was born back in England. I was itching to meet her but had four months to wait!


I completed my third City2Surf…but to exact minute to the year before. Livid at myself.


The mornings started getting cooler and the dry season was well and truly here! We started going to Mindil Beach Sunset Markets with Stuff (click this link to have a look). I’m a very proud girlfriend! 


Swenton came to visit in June. More wine and blackouts occurred as expected. 


 We even took her and George on their first ever camping trip…


…and I must say, George loved every second of it! #adventuredog


I did manage to dress up and socialise on a couple of occasions…


…jokes, this is what I mainly got up to. 


I had a birthday and did exactly what I wanted to do – proper fish and chips and wine at the beach with my loves (proper rock ‘n’ roll). I’m officially in my thirties now.


Life was pretty much George.


We took him camping again and I managed to get this unreal photo. Seriously, watching him mooching about in the bush all happy and dirty is one of the best things ever! 


But then it was August and time to say bye to George for four weeks while we went back to England. I swear neither of us cried leaving him. Luckily, our friends stayed at our house with him so at least he was in his own home. 


In twenty odd hours I was back in The Toon. 


It was lush to see the family again…


…my friends (we went out for breakfast at 10.30am this day and got home mortal at 10.30pm – as you do)…


…Julie (isn’t she gorgeous)…


…and of course, meet this little angel! Freya ❤


Me and Chris took off to Italy for a week. First stop was Rome, which pretty much consisted of the above (pizza and Aperol Spritz)…


…seeing the sights (and annoying Chris with my camera)…


…and getting my hair cut off when I was drunk. 


We then headed to Florence for the most amazing wedding – Mr & Mrs Speak ❤


Although there is regrettably no video or photographic evidence, I am also very grateful for that day as I got to see Chris absolutely smashed (he doesn’t drink). He didn’t leave the hotel room the following day. LOL.


Last stop was the beautiful Venice…


…for one final dose of extremely aesthetically pleasing buildings. I really loved Italy and would love to go back and exp[Laurie] more. 


Back in England, we had a family night up at the caravan for my Grandad’s birthday. I had a lovely week back at home before flying back and the bye’s never get any easier!


Saying bye to this little one was even harder.


But after a glorious 18 hour trip straight back to Darwin with fabulous seats, we were back home with our little man. 


And after a few days alone with George, we got him a little brother. Meet Franky!


They’re the best of pals and have their own Instagram The Moodle Dudes


So going into my sixth year in Australia, this is how life will carry on… the odd day time cocktail and in bed by 8pm…


…and a canny little life with “MY BOYS” *world emoji* (I hope you sensed the sarcasm).

I say it every year but doing this kind of thing really is a mint way to look back on your year, see how far you’ve come and practice gratitude. Of course, like everybody’s life there has been ups and downs but none of us ever post the shit parts, do we? My year has consisted of more than just palm trees and puppies (although it may not seem that way) but by posting my good memories each year, it really does make me feel grateful and proud of the life I have created for myself. Give it a go, even if it is privately for yourself!

Anyway, here’s to my sixth year on the other side of the world.


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