I turned 28 this time last week. I’ve had 7 whole days to reflect on how I actually feel about being an old lady. For weeks previous to my birthday I worried about it. I got anxious about being a loser at 28, thinking I had nothing going for me; how I don’t have a career yet, how I don’t want babies yet (like at all), how I haven’t seen half the places I wanted to by the time I was this age…I was having a total meltdown! Anyway, I gave my head a wobble because let’s be honest, I was being a total pathetically dramatic idiot! My life couldn’t be any better! So what if I haven’t got a career yet…I’m not totally sure what it is that I want to do, so why settle for something I’m not even sure of? I don’t want kids yet…and that’s normal – I’m only twenty bloody eight, my reproductive organs are a long way off from shrivelling up! I haven’t been to all the places I want to yet…but I live in Australia (like this isn’t good enough?!) and I have been to lots of amazing places!! I was being absolutely ridiculous and it had to stop.

For my birthday, my lovely housemates bought me a handmade leather bound journal. It is sooooo beautiful! I’ve decided to use it as a gratitude journal and I write in it every day everything I am grateful for. They say to write down 5 things each day but I have been writing 10+…and they keep coming! I’m only 28 FFS you silly woman (yes, I’m talking to myself) and I have done a lot with my life that I am so so proud of and incredibly grateful for. I’ve taken a slightly different approach to this blog post to my other lengthy diary entries… I’ve decided to list 28 reasons I’m (slightly) ok with being 28 and why I’m happy for where I am in my life…

  1. I’m in Australia. In Darwin. It’s hot and sunny every single day!! Major happiness points right there!!
  2. I had a bloody lovely birthday at the races with some bloody lovely people. 15 hours we were out drinking for (WHO’S OLD!?). However, I certainly didn’t enjoy the following ‘day of death’ in bed.
  3. I am a seriously lucky girl to have a boyfriend like Little Chrissy. He made my birthday special and even looked after me on the ‘day of death’ despite feeling not so clever himself! Bless.
  4. I’m still not totally sure what it is that I want to do (there are too many things) but I’m starting to make those small steps to get there. And I will…
  5. I’m focussing on ME (and Little Chrissy)! I’m excited for our future!
  6. I don’t care… I don’t care what people think about me. I don’t care if people like me or not. I do not care…
  7. I don’t want or need to impress anyone. I’m certain I attract the right people into my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some tossers along the way but they just served me as valuable life lessons. Thanks tossers!
  8. I can handle my drink. NOT!! But it does mean I don’t spend as much as I used to on a night out and I’m home at a reasonable hour. On the downside though, I do get some hangovers now *sigh*…
  9. …but to spend money on nights out, I have to go on nights out…and I rarely ever make it out after a few wines in the garden! Lightweight. (Plus to be honest, a night out here isn’t much to shout about)…
  10. I know I have certain talents…so now I know I need to start using them wisely.
  11. I’m a lot more comfortable and confident in myself than I ever used to be.
  12. I am ALWAYS myself! Especially after wine. When I’m that little bit more than myself.
  13. I’m not willing to make friends with just anyone. Especially not wankers. I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to friends. And I have the BEST friends as far as I’m concerned.
  14. If I’d have come to Australia when I was young and spritely, I guarantee I would have pissed all of my money up the wall and wasted most of my days being a drunken/hungover slob. Not now. Not now I’m old and boring! It has its perks. Now a lot of my money goes on food. I still love food. That will never change!
  15. Going out for breakfast is one of my most favourite things to do; it’s cheaper than going to pubs, I get to do what I love most (eat) and it doesn’t make you feel like shit. Yo! I also LOVE going for a coffee. I am SUCH a grown up.
  16. Even though I’m OLD *cryyyyy*, I can still pretty much eat what I want and not put much weight on. Oi oi!! Although, I do eat a lot healthier now as I’m a lot more conscious about my health than I used to be. I’m so over that vicious drinking/eating shit circle…
  17. I don’t really want to go out any more, therefore I save my money and spend it on good things like camping and holidays…and yes this was even the case when I was single. It would seem I’ve been “boring” for quite some time now. I LIKE IT!!!!
  18. I live with Little Chrissy and love it! We get excited over buying ‘housey’ things. Cushions…bedding…balcony furniture. Oooooh how exciting!! We’re dead cute. Cheers Tinder!
  19. I do what I want and am never pressured into doing something I don’t want to.
  20. I want to travel EVERYWHERE! (Not just to Ibiza).
  21. I am constantly making plans for my life, rather than the next weekend.
  22. I wear factor 30 sun tan lotion!!!!!! (Yes, it is a big deal). No more factor 2 oils. I don’t want to look like a prune.
  23. I still have “wicked tits” and can go out without a bra on! (I really didn’t want to write that one for some of my readers…but it’s true. And I’m proud!)
  24. I’m finally (quite) confident about going out barefaced in public now my spotty years are behind me. It’s about bloody time!
  25. I got referred to as a ‘fine wine’ the other day when someone learned of my age. I’ll take that… *smiley face*
  26. I have 28 years of experience behind me, meaning…I don’t put up with shit, I can handle any situation thrown at me in a mature manner, I listen a lot more and try to demonstrate acts kindness as often as I can. It’s nice to be nice.
  27. I ALWAYS have something to look forward to…. Seeing my family next at Christmas is going to be amazing!! PLEASE GOD, MAKE IT SNOW!!!
  28. My family is mint. TO THE MOSESESES!!!!

So, there you go! I’m actually doing quite alright aren’t i? I’ve stopped being a puff about things and I know that I am where I am meant to be in my life right now. I love it and make the most out of every situation (like writing this post at work while it’s quiet….he heee)! It’s time to stop procrastinating now and take actions for what I want. The best is yet to come!!! J

Laurie x



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