Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!! I’m kicking myself once again for not posting anything for so long. I’ve had a pretty decent and lengthy tale on my time in Darwin (from June – October) sitting in my drafts now for 3 months. What a waste! I will be making some changes in it though and sticking it up after this one, just so it’s not a total waste. Some of the things I wrote in it back then just seem weird to me now, like acting all coy about Little Chrissy (LOL)! Yes, he is my boyfriend and I live with him now so there is definitely no need to be all shy and girly about it all (like my draft post *cringe*). Anyway, the reason I haven’t been blogging for a while is because I’ve been pretty busy these past few months; swanning around on little holidays and stuff, enjoying Christmas and New Year, slothing and eating (obviously, it was the festive period) and just having a canny time. 2015 is going to be the year I write more posts! Nourish the soul, do what you love and all that…

So since November (when my swanning around began), I have been to Bali and travelled the East Coast of Australia with one of my best friends, Hanna (Fenton). Who I now call Swenton as it’s a mixture of the word ‘sweaty’ and ‘Fenton’. We spent a month and a half in tropical climates…plenty of sweaty moments were had! I hadn’t seen her in just over a year when she met me at Bali airport, absolutely steaming drunk (and I mean DRUNK/smashed/wasted/blitzed/off her chops/wine drunk), shouting at the top of her voice when she saw me, drawing all attention to us and truly living up the the ‘Brits Abroad’ persona. It was a brilliant welcome and I was so happy to be back with my Fenton!! To make the reunion even better, it took all of approximately 3 minutes of meeting her before she forgot her bag and fell over. Standard! Our friends Leila and Nicola also joined us in Bali for the first week, where we had one night in Kuta the night we got there (awful place that I will never ever go back to), 2 nights in Seminyak (not that arsed about it, could be anywhere), 2 nights in Ubud (I loved this tranquil little place and will definitely be returning to see more) and finally 2 nights in Uluwata, which was also class! Then it was just Sir Swenton and I left to our own irresponsible devices for the final 3 nights in Gili Trawangan, which is one of the most prettiest places I have ever seen and of course…we had the best time ever!! Including one of the funniest days of my life. I was devastated when we had to leave but that was just the first part of our trip.



We then flew to Australia, where we stayed with Kate for a week in Brisbane (the very kind/crazy lady I stayed with when I first arrived in Aus). Then through some sneaky planning with Ryan (Little Chrissy’s best mate), surprised him by turning up at Rainbow Beach (dressed as an Arab no less) half way through his East Coast trip and 3 weeks after seeing him last. It worked out pretty well (masters of stealth) and we had a wicked little adventure around Fraser Island, bombing around in 4×4’s on the sand and living like Bear Grylls for 2 nights (well almost, but not quite). It was mint! After that, we all travelled down to Surfers Paradise and stayed in a lush little apartment for Little Chrissy’s birthday. After that he was travelling down to Sydney, whereas I was travelling up the country towards Cairns so we said our see you later’s and it would be another 3 weeks before we saw each other again.



Mine and Swenton’s proper adventure started at this stage, when we hired a camper van and tooled it up the East Coast. It was Swenton’s first time driving any vehicle too since passing her test only in July, so she did very well to drive the camper (although I did ban her from city centre driving after a near zebra crossing/pedestrian incident). Well done Swenton! Luckily, it was an automatic too so minimum effort was needed and we sailed along on one of our several 7 hour drives just nicely. On our mission up the coast we had multiple stop offs, which included a 2 night sail on the Clipper Boat around the Whitsunday Islands (where it pelted down with the hardest rain I have ever felt EVER whilst we were on Whitehaven Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Sound), we did a sky dive (which was unreal and I was shitting myself for no reason), we went white water rafting (where I lost my shoe only10 minutes in to it and me and Swenton fell over and out the boat several times), we camped at a site in the rain forest where our van was severely attacked by dumb moths as soon as we turned on the lights inside (you’d think they would learn after smashing into a window the first time)…I’ll go into the van adventure in more detail in its own post (it deserves it).


We finally arrived in Cairns where we dropped off our camper (we named her Denise) and checked into Gilligan’s ‘you’ve got no chance of getting any sleep here’ Hostel. We pretty much spent the whole time there intoxicated. A blurry 3 days. Well, apart from the day I made it on a rain forest tour, that started at 8am, after only a couple of hours sleep and clearly still drunk. It turned out to be an exquisite day though (completely hangover free)! After Cairns, we got a flight (in the middle of the night – drunk, SHOCK) down to Sydney to stay with my lovely lovely mates that I met in Darwin. 10 of us squeezed in to the 2 bedroom apartment in a sweet little location just by Darling Harbour. Swenton and myself shared a single bed, which turned out to be fine but there was a strict ‘no sleeping naked whilst in such close proximity to one another’ rule. We stayed there for a week, which included spending Christmas Day on Bondi Beach in ‘Sexy Santa Moron’ outfits that we found for an absolute bargain price at a market in Brisbane. We took it upon ourselves to get the tackiest ones available and they went down a treat, especially with the Asians. We were practically Christmas celebrities, posing for photos with them and being gawped at like we were total bell ends. Correct!



The day after Boxing Day, it was time to say farewell to my little Swenton. I was flying back to Little Chrissy in Darwin and she was leaving for her next adventure in South America the following day. I was gutted to be leaving her, we had the best time together EVER! But she’s currently having a mint time in South America and it won’t be long before I see her again. I MISS YOU SWENTON!!! So, I got on my flight to Darwin on my own (and cried when there was some turbulence like a little puff) and flew 4 and a half hours to Darwin, where Little Chrissy thought it would be funny to tell me he was stuck at work and I’d have to get a taxi home. I knew he was lying and there he was waiting for me with a big cardboard sign saying ‘Welcome Home Little Moses’ (how canny) *cute little smiley face*. We majorly slothed (and ate several thousand calories) for the next few days before renting a 4×4 and going camping for New Year. We were the only ones at Litchfield National Park, which was perfect after our last trip (I’ll explain in the Darwin post – I still laugh about it now) but being wet season, it chucked it down the whole day on New Years Day. For that reason we had to cut the trip a bit short, but only after going off road for a bit and driving through some big scruffy puddles (for shits and giggles).


So, here I am now. Living in Darwin with Little Chrissy (in our nicely new decorated room I must add) and just trying to work and save as much money as we can for our trip home in April! I’m so excited for this year and going home especially as I will have been away for 18 months by then! CRIKEY!! I can not wait to see my family, friends and of course, Julie, my beautiful little cat. Eeeee it can’t come quick enough! Last year turned out better than I thought possible, so I’m sure this one will be even better! Viva La Toon!


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