So I’ve decided to write this blog because I think I’ve done quite a lot recently, swanning around the globe etc. and I’d like to share my oh so wise life adventures/mishaps with my friends and family (and my future self since my memory isn’t exactly up to scratch). I do have a journal but let’s be honest, who can be bothered to hand write these days?! Writer’s cramp and a hand covered in ink? No thanks…it’s 2014.

I’m also at the beginning of this fitness, self-improvement, spiritual, happy journey thingymajigggy and I feel like I have all this new energy inside of me to use my (pretty much dormant) talents and skills to make my life more enjoyable (true story)! Throughout, I might sound like I’m being sarcastic and that’s because I am. It’s who I am and it’s what I do and anyone who knows me will agree that I don’t take life or myself too seriously. Therefore, when I feel myself getting too deep with my words on here I will definitely take the mick out of myself. Just in case!

Other than the whole new journey, travel malarkey, I just want to write this because I’ve always wanted to but always worried about what people might think about me. What a girl! Anyway, I’m sooooo over all that now and here I am. I love my family and my friends and fashion (although I’m no fashionista) and music and socialising and food (obvz) and activities and sushine and travelling and wine etc etc etc.. I think you get the gist. I also think my life and experiences relate to a lot of my friends so I want to share them (instead of repeating myself on text/Facebook messages). Like Carrie Bradshaw if you will.

Well basically, my life really started three years ago when I finally decided to break free from a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, he was a lovely lad but I wasn’t happy for a long time and knew I had so much life in me…which turned out to be the complete truth! In a nutshell (in chronological order no less), I split up with my ex at the beginning of 2011, graduated with a degree in Health and Social so I could go and work with naughty kids (still haven’t done anything about this, oh well!), spent the best part of the summer in Ibiza, had a pretty mad but amazing year after that; partying and meeting new people who I now call my close friends, I then moved to Holland mid 2012 for work and finally, ended up here in October 2013… AUSTRALIA!!

As expected, there have been a lot of ups and downs along the way but that’s just life. Fortunately, the ups definitely outweigh the downs and I just have to think, I actually do have a proper canny life. In fact, I LOVE IT! Of course it could be better; I could be rich, I could be surrounded by my family and close friends all the time, I could be in a relationship with the love of my life, I could look like a Victoria’s secret model, I could not get irritated when people insist on saying ‘wey aye man’ when they find out that I’m a Geordie…. The list goes on but I’m so lucky to have experienced what I have and be where I am now. Gratitude is definitely the key to a happy life!

Anyway, I’m getting a bit too deep here *insert sarcasm*. Here it goes…



7 thoughts on “Hellaw!

  1. Go on Moses! I love it! Keep it going so I can have my little dose of you everyday!! ❤️❤️ A love ya xxxxxxx

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